BrainSINS: eCommerce Personalization for Everyone

Helping small online retailers to increase conversions and sales

BrainSINS, an eCommerce Personalization vendor, has just released a free version of its personalization solution for small online retailers, aiming them to increase their conversion and sales. With an easy integration by means of a simple JavaScript code, BrainSINS allows online retailers to access a full suite of personalization products.

BrainSINS is a provider of personalization solutions for eCommerce. With more than 100 customers of all sizes such as MotherCare, El Ganso, Acuista, Hero, TradeInn, ForumSport or GemLn, BrainSINS helps its customers to increase the conversion and sales of their eCommerce websites.

This eCommerce personalization solution has allowed BrainSINS' customers to increase their sales 18% on average, with some impressive success stories such as ForumSport and Zacatrus!, two online retailers that have been able to increase their sales more than 30%.

With the launch of their free solution, BrainSINS aims to help small retailers to improve their customer's user experience by means of different personalization products:

  • Personalized recommendations that automize cross-sells and up-sells, and is also able to show a different storefront to each customer based on their behavior.
  • eMail Retargeting for recovering abandoned shopping carts and personalize the eMail communications with the online store's customers.
  • Behavioral Targeting to segment the online customers based on their behavior and then perform different insite marketing campaigns.
  • eCommerce Analytics to control the evolution of the online business and get insights about how the different personalization products in the BrainSINS' solution are performing.

BrainSINS offers its personalization solution for free to online retailers with less than 25.000 unique visitors per month. For bigger retailers, BrainSINS charges 99$ per month per each 25.000 unique visitors of the online store, a very affordable personalization solution for every online store manager.

"We have been collaborating with BrainSINS for two years and we integrate their personalization solution into every Magento project we develop" Ignacio Riesco (Interactiv4), Magento Silver Partner
"BrainSINS has helped us to increase more than 30% our sales in the last year." Sergio Viteri (Zacatrus!)
About BrainSINS

BrainSINS Smart eCommerce provides a 360º eCommerce Personalization Solution, that you can easily integrate into any online store. Our solution includes several awesome products: personalized product recommendations, email retargeting, behavioral targeting, Gamification and eCommerce Analytics.